Create a mockup design in Ms Word

Word Mockup Featured Image

If you don’t have Photoshop and want to create a simple yet modern looking mockup design then you can make it in Ms Word. I have prepared a report template in Ms Word and have converted the same report in PDF format. Now I want to send the mockup of a page from that report to my client to showcase what I’ve made. If you need the same then please read on.

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Batch process on PDFs in Adobe Acrobat

Batch process PDFs Featured Image

What would you do if your boss asks you to add watermark to a hundred PDFs and send these watermarked PDFs to him within an hour? Yes, this can be a similar scenario faced by many office workers. Any novice person would go one by one on these 100s PDFs to add watermark. But it will be a tedious and a time-consuming job. For performing batch process on pdfs, please read on…

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