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Thank you for taking your time to visit this website! My name is Muhammad Kawish. I am the one who runs this website passionately! I am a professional editorial designer and am also a veteran freelancer on upwork.com. I love formatting and preparing documents for print and digital publications.

I have created this website to provide totally free and of course professional templates in Ms. Word that are easily usable by those who don’t know much about Microsoft Word. Whenever I get time, I create a template and make it available on this website for free!

On this website, you will find some of the best templates for preparing books or resumes in Microsoft Word. These templates are even better than many of the paid versions!

I have plans to add as much free templates as I can in the future but unfortunately I don’t have many resources and it takes time, effort and money to put anything online. However, still motivated to help others with many useful templates for Word!

I cover the expenses of this website by displaying Google ads. If you like you can also share this website with others, this will help in generating more traffic, motivating me to add more free resources.

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Muhammad Kawish

Thanks for your time.