Free Editable Book Templates in Word

Looking for book interior design templates for Word? If you want to download free kdp interiors in Word format and to prepare your book for printing then check our modern book templates here! We are giving away professional, free and editable book templates in Word.

We have prepared these books in Word format with great care, keeping everything perfectly set-up for print requirements. You would definitely like these book templates for self publishing.

Download free books template

If you want to download simple to edit books template for Word then our free ebook templates are perfect for you as these are built with proper styling and easy-to-use layout. These are nicely formatted book templates for kdp. Furthermore, you don’t need to be a formatting expert to edit our free textbook templates as everything has already been typeset in these awesome book layout designs.

How to design a simple book template using Word?

To create a book template, please follow these steps:

  1. Create a blank document in Microsoft Word
  2. Select a Paper Size by opening “Page Setup” (6″ x 9″ is a most common book size)
  3. Set margins on each side (minimum 0.5 inch). Make sure to select “Mirror margins”.
  4. Define gutter margins in “Page Setup”
  5. Set Book Title on the Header
  6. Set Page Numbering on the Footer
  7. Write your content

Instead of creating your own template for manuscript writing, you can simply download our Word book templates as these are ready to print templates! You’ll find here some of the best fiction and non-fiction book templates for free.

These free book design templates for Word would be really useful for those who do not know much about formatting and interior book typesetting. These are our best templates for publishing books and completely modifiable with clean typography. Download our free templates for books in Microsoft Word and see how beautifully these have been designed!

Best free printable book templates

These free book formatting templates are preformatted with proper page sizing, margins, bleed & gutter. In every template, automatic table of contents is included and header/footer are also styled with proper typesetting. You would surely like these clean and professional book writing templates in Microsoft Word.

Our Word manuscript templates are very easy to use and so perfect for self-publishers! You can use these book designs for CreateSpace, Kindle Direct Publishing, Ingramspark or any other self-publishing you would like to use!

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Download 34+ free book templates

You can download many free book template design ideas on this page and all these templates are available in docx format!

Find any book template for Word below, click on the link to go to the template page and read its description or at-least see the template features section at the bottom. You can then download a book template in Microsoft Word format.

Need help for using these paperback manuscript templates? No worries, write to us through inbox or in the Comments box, we will definitely try to help you in preparing your book for printing.

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You can also contact us for any queries regarding self-publishing a book. Furthermore, please appreciate us if you find these free book layout templates helpful!

Download kdp paperback templates

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Self publishing book templates

You can also find some blank book templates on CreateSpace at the following link:

CreateSpace book templates for Word

Hope you find these beautiful book designs useful for your next book 🙂

81 thoughts on “Free Editable Book Templates in Word”

  1. Thank you so much for making all these book templates for people to use. I’ve been to a few other sites that provide book templates but their templates pale in comparison; your site is the best by far! I really like the fact that the templates already have sample content inside so that all I need to do is replace them wherever needed; makes it so simple!

    Thanks again and all the best to you.

  2. dear sir/ madam ,
    I am requiring a template to write a fiction pocket book 7″x 4.5″ but I cannot find . can you help please? my book will be only about 220-250 pages hence the smaller format required.

    • Hi, the size you mentioned seems to be a landscape book. We don’t have any template for this size right now. But if you can wait for the next few days then we’ll try to make this book size for you, thank you.

  3. Hello,

    I am a first time writer – I’m hoping to some day publish my late father’s memoirs.

    I have downloaded one of your book templates and unfortunately, the following has appeared (Product Activation Failed) – this is also affecting all MS Office programmes I have on my computer.

    Please can you tell me how to resolve this quickly and without unnecessary expense.

    Kind regards,
    Susan Woolf

  4. Thank you very much for your generosity!

    Your templates are much ahead in comparison with similar things in the other sites and easy to download and use.

    Thank you once again!

  5. Hi,

    Which template would be the best for my specific needs?
    I want o write a short biography type of book about our journey to dog therapy certification. I want to have some pages with print and some with just my own photos.

    Are they all free?

    Can they result with both hard copies and digital version?

    Do you also provide any tips regarding how to publish and sell for instance on Amazon?

  6. I totally agree with all the thanks and positive comments posted here for your thoughtful work and professional templates. Only recently have I switched to writing my first book in Word and struggling (and fighting!) with the complications and inconsistencies in a well-known book-writing program. Your website and your templates are top-shelf. Should I use one of your templates, as others have said, I will certainly include you in the credits.

  7. Hi! I really like your templates. I’m wondering however why your novel templates don’t have indents for each new line and have a space between paragraphs? Isn’t this the standard for writing a novel?

    • Thank you for liking the templates. We normally include auto spacing (through paragraph spacing). For the indents, you’re right, we’ll take care of it in the future templates. However, you can add indent by simply adding it to the appropriate style used. Thanks for your suggestion by the way.

  8. Greetings:-) It is so awesome to find such a finished product as your templates. I’m looking for a poetry book template. Do you have anything or can you make a suggestion of which template I should use?

    Your website and templates are top-notch. Should I use one of your templates, I will certainly include you in the credits.

    • Hello, thank you for your great words. We’ll be adding more book templates in the near future (including the poetry book design). However, you can still find few 5×8 templates on our book templates page that are quite perfect for formatting a simple poetry book. Try them and let us also know in case of any confusion, thank you.

  9. Hi, Can you create a template to a specific design requirement? I have the look that I want, but it as designed in adobe and I want a Word template?

      • I am using the same thing, but the formatting changes and so does the font when I copy and paste it in Mac version on Microsoft Word.

        • Sorry about that! Could you please let me know exactly which template you’re referring to? If you’re copying/pasting your content in the template then please make sure you use the destination styles. When pasting content, Ms Word copies the source formatting as well, this may be the reason why the formatting changes. Thank you.

  10. This is awesome. wanted to write my book, been out searching for templates that would help simplify it, then i saw this. I’m grateful. Thanks.

  11. Muhammad, can you please clarify if these templates are free for commercial use too like publishing to Amazon? I found some text mentioning that this template is for personal use only. That’s why I am asking. Thanks!

    • Yes, for sure, all our templates are completely free even for commercial usage. However, if you’re publishing your book using any of our templates then please accredit us by mentioning our website in your final work. For details, please read the “Important Notes” doc, included with download zip. Thank you.

  12. I am looking for a template for my poetry book 8.5 by 5.5 if possible, all my poetry is centered so not sure about trying to put it into one of your templates can you help me?

    • The largest paper size we have available right now is 8.5 x 11. However, what you’re looking for is a landscape template. You can try our 7.5 x 10 template and if you want you can change its orientation as well but please note that if you change its orientation then formatting must also be fixed manually, thank you.

  13. I really appreciate your effort for providing these amazing and easy to use templates. I want a template for a poetry book. Can you please guide me in this regard.

    Best Wishes.

    • Thanks so much for your appreciating words! Unfortunately, we do not have any specific template for poetry writing yet but all our templates are customizable so you can modify them as per your needs. One particular template would be 5.25 x 8 template which you can use for your poetry writings, however, you’ll have to tweak a few formatting changes in it to make it look more perfect for poetries. You can find this template on our book templates page, thank you.

  14. I have a Mac book pro and I just downloaded a few book templates. Now that I have them downloaded and on my laptop, how to I edit the old copy out and add my own content?

    I’m not normally this green, but when I try to change the original content, my MacBook just beeps at me. Help Please! and Thank YOU!

    • Hi, Thank you for downloading our templates! If your old content was created using Ms Word (Mac version) then you can simply copy/paste your content into our templates, following the destination formatting styles (i.e., using the styles available in our template). Thank you.

  15. I’m attempting to use your standard 6×9 template for fiction. I can’t see m to insert a page at the beginning for a dedication. How do I do that? Where to put the dedication at the front? It goes straight from the copyright page to the table of contents.

    • Could you please let us know the file name of the template you have downloaded? Inserting a page in Ms Word is as simple as pressing the Enter key at the end of the page (before the new blank page). Thank you.


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