Fiction book layout template in Word for 5.5 x 8.5 digest

If you are a fiction writer looking for a free book template then you probably come to the right page! We are presenting here one more highly extensible book layout template in Word. This 5.5″ x 8.5″ novel temple is formatted in Microsoft Word document in a very consistent and professional style.

This fiction book template is not just created as a whole blank page, instead you will find it a complete book design in an easy-to-edit layout. You don’t need to hire any book designer for formatting your books now! Even if you have little knowledge of Ms Word, you can still produce a professional book using this template.

Proper use of this book layout template

We are providing many quality book templates in Microsoft Word, all for free! This fiction book template is also formatted into a cleanest layout possible while keeping it in Word format. In this 5.5 x 8.5 fiction template, you will find everything ready for printing.

Free fiction book template

As the title suggests, this Ms Word template is a “perfect fit” for short fiction novels or digests having not more than 250 pages. It is formatted by taking care of the requirements of print on-demand services such as Lightning Source, KDP and IngramSpark. Template is however modifiable and you can get it published in any way you wish.

Fonts used in this fiction book template

Only one font “Alegreya” is used throughout this book template. This is a sharp and perfect font for literature printing. The good part is that the font is available for free by Google for Web and commercial printing. This font is already embedded in the Word doc.

Download and use this free book layout template for publishing your book, you will find it even much better than some paid book templates out there. Let us also know if you find this template useful and see our entire free collection of Word templates at the below link.

Download free book layout templates in Word

Stylish Word templates for creative writers, free download

Template features

  • Free fiction book template
  • File format: Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF
  • Paper: 5.5″ x 8.5″ (no bleeds)
  • Fonts used: Alegreya (included in the doc)
  • Mirror margins & proper page settings
  • Fully adjustable and customizable
  • Its FREE 🙂

Download free book layout template

This is for your personal use only! Please read our “Important Notes” on using our free resources. Any question? Share your thoughts below.

12 thoughts on “Fiction book layout template in Word for 5.5 x 8.5 digest”

  1. Hey, I have a question regarding the license.
    I’m planning on using it with personal use only in mind so it does not concern me that much, yet I found some contradicting statements…

    In the word template itself is stated “You are allowed to use and modify this template for your PERSONAL USE ONLY”.
    One sentence further we are informed to read “Important Notes” … yet there the statement is “You are allowed to use, modify or to recreate this content for your personal or commercial use. Attribution is not mandatory […]”

    Just wanting to clarify what is correct here.


    • Sorry about the confusion! All our templates are completely free and we just ask to include our website Name & URL on your final work when you print books using our templates. This is not a mandatory requirement either but it helps us to grow and create more such free templates. In a nutshell, you are allowed to use our templates for formatting your books even if you’re commercially printing & selling them. In case of any other question, please feel free to ask us! Thank you.

  2. kudos to the team,

    God bless you for the good work. This template encourages new writers (like me) for their script writing in proper way. Sure once my content got publishes i will add up your details in the credits.



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