Step by Step Tutorials on Tech

We are providing here step by step tutorials on tech that are related to everyday computer tasks. Our only aim is to share free and quality content on Word Processing. Learn with us about Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, Desktop Publishing and many other useful stuff.

Step by step tutorials on tech

Extremely useful tutorials on Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is indeed a popular, widely-used and productive Word processing software. Keeping the same value in mind, we are sharing our extensive knowledge about this great word processing software i.e. Ms Word.

You will find here many extremely useful tutorials about using Microsoft Word — whether its formatting, preparing books, typesetting or creating templates in Word, we have step by step tutorials on these tech.

We encourage you to read these simple, plainly written and easy-to-follow tutorials on Ms Word and get your Word skills to next levels 🙂

Learn InDesign, Acrobat & Desktop Publishing

When it comes to great-looking page-layouts then Adobe InDesign would always be a best choice to work with. Adobe InDesign is a market-leading software for making page-layouts and desktop publishing.

Magazines, newsletters, flyers, books and almost every other publishing job can easily be done in InDesign.

And we are here to help you with this amazing desktop publishing software. You will find here many tips, tricks and useful tutorials on InDesign from basic concepts to the advanced level of page-making.

Easy tutorials on tech…

Read our daily updated & easy-to-follow tutorials on tech and increase your computer skills to a great extent.

If there is anything you want us to include here then write to us through the comment box or by sending an email message. We will happily write about your required topic in a step by step manner.

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  1. I have viewed you (not all) descriptions and info. on printable templates for bookcovers but am at a loss as to find a downlod link to see a blank editable template. What am I doing wrong? I am sick of looking for information on MS Word free downloadable templates for bookcovers 6 x 9 books. What is up with this?

  2. Hi,
    I am using your UTT-Books-39 template and it is great! I am having a problem that I hope you can help me with. I like that the header shows the name of the chapter at the top of each page in that chapter. Unfortunately, the headers at the top of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. chapters are erroneously showing the title of the 1st chapter. When I try to change the header, it changes the headers for all chapters to be the same, not just the chapter I am working on.

    Can you help me with this?

    Thank you!!!

    Otherwise, your template is AWESOME!!!

    • Hi Bryan,

      Thank you for using our template! This template is formatted using sections, this is why you’re having the problem. A simple fix is that you must insert a new section for every new chapter, so that new chapter can carry its unique name on the header. In a nutshell, insert a new section in Ms Word then start your new chapter in the newly created section. This way, every new chapter will be in its own section.

      After inserting a section, please must also turn off “Link to Previous” option from the header. And every section is formatted with “Different First Page” and “Different Odd/Even Pages”. If you don’t know about using sections in Ms Word then please Google about it, you will find many articles.

      Our template is formatted in a total professional layout, so you should also have some know-how of advanced formatting for it to be modified completely, hope it helps, thank you.


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