Free best looking Word template for writing kids books

Do you love to write children’s stories? We have made it easy for you! This is our best looking Word template for kids books. If you’re a professional writer then you can free download and use this book manuscript template to make your writing looks awesome. You would definitely like this free book layout template.

This is a perfect book template for writing fiction stories for kids in a clean and professional style. Using this modern book layout, you can put all your efforts in your writings without worrying about the formatting because everything has been properly included in this kids book template.

Free serif fonts for kids book interior

This kids book design uses two serif fonts: “Marko One” and “Lora“. Both are free Google fonts. However, these have also been embedded into the Word doc of this template and you don’t need to separately download any fonts.

This Word template for kids books has a paper size of 5.06 x 7.81 inches. This is a common paper size for writing short stories for children. This paper size is also fully compatible with Amazon CreateSpace. This is a fully modifiable & printable book template in Word so you can edit each and every thing in it, including the paper size, etc. Although, we recommend to use this book interior with the same paper size.

Kids book interior design
Kids Book Interior, Contents & Dedication

All formatting styles and elements are included in this free children book template in Word. If you know how to use Microsoft Word properly then you would find it easy to edit this book template completely.

This book template uses sections in Ms Word for each story. You can put every story or a chapter in its own section. You will also have to change the “story name” on the header of the odd (recto) pages.

If you find it difficult to use “Next Page” sections in Microsoft Word then read the following guide: Inserting Next Page Sections in Microsoft Word. Also, remember to remove “Link to Previous” when inserting sections.

Perfect kids book template in Word

Download this Word template for kids books, write your stories from scratch or copy your already written pieces of writing into it, you’re then all set. It has an automatic table of contents included as well. With only a little bit of tweaking in this story book interior, you can submit it to CreateSpace for printing.

Children book layout in Word
Kids Book Interior, Preface & Story Page

You can also use this kids book template to design your book into a mobi or epub ebook for Kindle Direct Publishing or any other ebook publication. Download this story book template and check it yourself.

In case of needing any help about using this kids book interior, let us know through the comments below. We will help you 🙂

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Template features

  • Perfect Word template for kids books
  • File format: Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF
  • Paper: 5.06 x 7.81 without bleed
  • Fonts used: Marko One, Lora (embedded in the Word doc)
  • Formatted margins, sections, headers/footers & gutter
  • Proper book layout with automatic TOC
  • Fully adjustable and customizable
  • Its FREE 🙂

Download Word template for kids books

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  1. Lovely template! Would like to see another one that was more of a picture book template as well. If you have any that you could recommend I would be grateful! Seriously though, gorgeous template. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks Danielle! As we’re in the phase of constantly updating our site, so we’ll definitely create a picture book template as you have mentioned. We will try to make the template available as soon as we can, thanks for your appreciating words 🙂

  2. Hello, this is beautiful.
    My son has a holiday project to write a short story – he is 7 so I want to try and help him with a template. I can’t see where to download this template.

    Thank you for taking the time to share. Rems

    • Hi, Please rename the downloaded zip to any shorter name and then extract the files. It should work then. Our download files are getting “long path” error on various devices so the stated above method will fix the issue. Apologies for that and we’ll be fixing the filename issue soon, thank you.

  3. This book template is amazing. Thank you for the template. I will let you know about my book when I am finish writing it. You are simply the best, you help save, time and life. God bless you.

  4. Hello and thank you for the free templates, I am very new at working with templates, I have a question please. How do I add more pages to the current pages in the templates?
    Thank you.


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