Microsoft Word book template in 7.5 x 10 for print

Are you willing to write a family book in Word? If you want to share your life’s journey through a book then you can do it by using this free Microsoft Word book template! This book printing template is made specifically for formatting family books or textbooks. Our template will work flawlessly, making it easy for self authors to produce quality books.

We are providing some of the market best templates for desktop publishing, so this family book template is also as good as our other free templates are! All you need to do is download and start writing your first book using this 7.5 x 10 book template.

Word template for writing family book

As the title mentions, we have created this Microsoft Word book template for formatting large sized books. This would be a classic book design for writing a biography or a family book in Ms. Word. However, you can also tweak the template in many ways as it has completely editable typesetting in reflowable text.

This template features a minimal book layout in standard notebook size and it requires no prior experience of book publishing as everything including fonts, margins, etc. are all preformatted using Ms. Word’s styles.

Using it as textbook template in Word

You can also use this template for writing a textbook in Word. It’s large size allows you to include pictures as well. After writing the content, convert it into a PDF and send it to any printing company. If you don’t want to print it then you can use it as an ebook template.

If there is anything you need to clarify for this family book template in Word then let us know through the comments box. Find more best Word printing templates at the below link:

Free ebook templates for Microsoft Word

Template features

  • Classical template for textbook writing
  • File format: Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF
  • Paper: 7.5″ x 10″ (no bleed included)
  • Fonts used: Georgia, Book Antiqua
  • Great size for notebook printing
  • Fully adjustable and customizable
  • Its FREE 🙂

Download free template for family book

This is for your personal use only! Please read our “Important Notes” on using our free resources. Any question? Share your thoughts below.

8 thoughts on “Microsoft Word book template in 7.5 x 10 for print”

  1. thank you for this website, i’m currently writing a non fiction book and it’s hard. It seems like i’ve reached writer’s block. I seem to lack the right words to add to what i’ve already started.
    I think the templates you have here will help me greatly. What i’ve seen thus far looks great, amazingly presented.


  2. The size is not standard 8.5×11. Would it cost extra to have this unique size printed? I’m used to working with the standard size. I imagine the layout would be compromised if the printer changed the format.

    • Yes, this is a custom yet a very common size for printing books. This size is fully compatible with CreateSpace, etc. Cost would not be a big factor considering the paper size! You can change its size to Standard US Letter but in this case you will have to adjust the formatting manually. Instead of changing its size, you can try our 8.5 x 11 book template which is available on our book templates page. Hope it helps, thank you.

  3. Hello, may I request if you could provide me same template in 7 by 10 format. I am just 10 year old and want to publish my first book. If I change size manually, I am afraid I may mess up with margins n all. Pls pls pls do the needful as a very special request.
    It would be so kind of you

    • Hi Antara,

      We will definitely add a template in 7 x 10 format in the near future! I would also really appreciate your time & efforts but the same template can be used instead as its just a little (0.5″) wider than what you’re requesting. 7.5 x 10″ book size is also widely accepted by self-publishing companies. However, rest assured we’ll be adding your requested template soon, thanks so much for your time and good luck with your book.


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