Beautiful Cookbook Design Template in Word

Beautiful cookbook design template in Word

Are you looking to prepare your next cookbook for printing? Try our cookbook design template in Microsoft Word format for free. This is a perfect and stylish cookbook template in Word. Everything in this recipe template is editable.

This Ms Word cookbook template is designed with proper formatting. Following things are also included in this template: Header, footer, page-numbering, ordered and un-ordered listing and built-in styles.

This template uses a purple theme throughout the document. However, you can easily change all colors as per your needs. You would not find such a beautiful cookbook design template anywhere else for free, especially in editable Ms Word format.

Cookbook design template in Word, automatic TOC

Modern and free Word cookbook template

This free and modern cookbook template has an automatic table of contents included in it. Simply fill-out the template with your recipes. You can then update the entire TOC with a single click of a mouse! Picture placeholders are included as well.

Cookbook design template in Word, picture placeholders

Download and try this cookbook template! It can help you in preparing your next recipe book with ease. Commonly-available fonts are used in this cookbook design.

This recipe template in Word has been optimized for e-book formats such as epub, mobi and particularly for Amazon Kindle. Collect all your favorite and outstanding recipes through this beautiful recipe book and print it with Kindle Direct Printing or even with your home printer.

Need any help in preparing your cookbook? So please inform us through the comments box or by sending us an email, we will gladly help you πŸ™‚ And also try the below recipe template in Ms Word.

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If you’re not good with Word then please watch the video below to know how to completely re-brand and use this recipe template in Microsoft Word.

Template features

  • Editable recipe template in Word
  • File format: Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF
  • Paper: 7.5 x 9.25 with bleeds
  • Fonts used: Bookman Old Style
  • Proper margins, sections, headers/footers, drop-caps, gutter etc.
  • Perfect styling and automatic TOC
  • Fully adjustable and customizable
  • Its FREE πŸ™‚

Download cookbook design template in Word

If you like it then please share your thoughts in the comments box.

22 thoughts on “Beautiful cookbook design template in Word”

    • Thanks for checking out our template. In this cookbook template, you can add as many recipes as you want. Simply select the entire last page (with dummy text) and press CTRL+C to copy the content. Then placing your cursor at the bottom of the last page, press the ENTER key to insert a new blank page and then press CTRL+V to paste the content into the new page. This is how you can add more pages in the template. Thank you

  1. Also does this work in windows 10? I can’t find the bar with style changes. And what if I have more ingredients than space for them. Does it then have to run down to the next page?

    • Yes, this template is fully compatible in any latest version of Ms Word (on Mac, PC or Windows 10, etc.). For adding more ingredients than the space available, you will have to make few formatting adjustments in the template. Sorry but I did not understand what do you exactly mean by “I can’t find the bar with style changes”? Thank you.

  2. Sorry but I have another question. When I’ve added pages and typed some words in it, it won’t let me save it. It says I must change the name and save it somewhere else. I changed the name somewhat and tried to save it to my documents in Word but it didn’t work. Can you help with this problem?

    • Microsoft Word sometimes unusually asks for re-saving a file. This is a strange behavior in Word. However, you can try re-saving a complete new copy of the template. Open the template, press F12 and re-save your document at some different place in your computer. Did it give any error when you were trying to re-save the template?

  3. I’ve been typing recipes very successfully! I appreciate your help. However I have 3 questions. 1. In changing the color scheme, how do I change the pink background color in the ingredients field? 2. I don’t need most of the pages before the first recipe page. How do I delete them? 3. There is a pink shape at the very top of each page. How do I delete it or change the color? Thank you.

    • For your questions 1 & 3, please watch the video again, you can easily find what you’re looking for. Pink bar at the top of every page has been set using header. You can open the header by double clicking near the same pink bar. For your question 2, select all the pages before recipe no. 1 and delete them. But be careful on deleting pages as these are formatted into sections. If you know how to deal with sections in Ms Word that would be great then. Otherwise, you can read/watch many tutorials on Word sections, simply google it. Thank you

  4. Sorry, I’m back again. I’ve watched the video several times. However, there are thin pink lines to the right of the Instructions field and also under the work Directions that I can’t seen to highlight and delete or change the color. Can you help me with this issue please?

  5. Thanks for the great template. I have been using it and have about a 140 pages, but the file size has grown to over 500MB! I have about 50 photos (each 200K to1MB in size). Have inserted photos (not pasted them in). Is there something I could be doing wrong?

    • Thanks for using our template! Your photos seem to be of high resolution causing large size of your Word doc. You should compress all your pictures to some optimal DPI. If you’re preparing it for commercial printing then pictures should be of 300 DPI, if cookbook is not going to be printed then 72 or 92 DPI would be okay then.

      Before applying the following method, please make a backup of your Word doc.

      For compressing pictures, you can either use Photoshop or any other image editing tool. Pictures can be compressed directly in a Word doc too. For compressing pictures in Word, first select any of your pictures then click on the “Picture Tools” at the top of the Word’s Ribbon. Now click on the “Compress Pictures” option at the “Adjust” group on the top left side. From the compression dialog box, select appropriate resolution and uncheck the option “Apply only to this picture” if you want all your pictures to be compressed. Press “OK” button, save your document and check the file size.

      One more trick is to convert your current Word doc to PDF and check its size. Hope it works for you, thank you.


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