Free simple and plain CV design in Ms Word 2019

Plain and Simple CV Design

A traditional, one-page and plain CV design in Ms Word format. This free and simple CV design in Ms Word is best suited for professionals looking for an Executive Role in any organization. This CV Template in Word has been formatted out with proper styling and the layout is quite easy-to-edit. Download this free plain CV in Word from the link below.

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Create a mockup design in Ms Word

Word Mockup Featured Image

If you don’t have Photoshop and want to create a simple yet modern looking mockup design then you can make it in Ms Word. I have prepared a report template in Ms Word and have converted the same report in PDF format. Now I want to send the mockup of a page from that report to my client to showcase what I’ve made. If you need the same then please read on.

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Batch process on PDFs in Adobe Acrobat

Batch process PDFs Featured Image

What would you do if your boss asks you to add watermark to a hundred PDFs and send these watermarked PDFs to him within an hour? Yes, this can be a similar scenario faced by many office workers. Any novice person would go one by one on these 100s PDFs to add watermark. But it will be a tedious and a time-consuming job. For performing batch process on pdfs, please read on…

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